Teamwork.  Integrity.  Education.  Sportsmanship.

The Shelden Williams Foundation is dedicated to empowering student athletes and their families by delivering and supporting initiatives that promote emotional and physical health through sports, education, and community involvement.


Shelden Williams

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Shelden’s role as a leader on and off the court has resonated with many. He is dedicated to assisting underserved student athletes in their personal development, education, and physical health and giving back to the community. Through the Shelden Williams Foundation, he is able to provide support and resources with a focus on local and national strategic initiatives.


Having attributed his success to a capacity for discipline and drive to succeed, Shelden now encourages young student athletes to make similar efforts towards their own education, health, and development.

Our Values


The coordination of efforts with organizations and athletes who share our dedication and commitment of promoting the positive benefits of sports

Our Values


All activities promote trust, respect, and dignity.

Our Values


A belief in the positive impact of lifelong learning and mentorship.

Our Values


The importance of exhibiting and observing qualities that are highly regarded in sports – generosity, courtesy, pride, ethics, and fair play.


The values and mission of the Shelden Williams Foundation are deeply rooted in Shelden’s own experience as a youth growing up in the communities that shaped his life.

The son of educators, Shelden had the value of learning and academic achievement instilled at a early age. As he started on his path of record-setting performances on the court, Shelden’s parents always made sure that he understood that he must not lose focus on his education. Shelden maintained this focus as had his standout career at Duke University, where he also obtained his BS in Sociology and a certificate in Markets and Management.

Shelden’s family also taught him that the practice of teamwork extends off the court, and that one must use the opportunities and talents they have to help others. Throughout his youth, Shelden would volunteer and find ways to give back to his community. When Shelden made it to the NBA, he used his resources and platform to give back, helping to fund the launch of a Life Center with his church.

Now a coach and father, Shelden launched the Shelden Williams Foundation to bring together the communities he calls home in a shared effort to empower student athletes with the same values and ethics that have supported his success on and off the court.

young shelden williams

Shelden Williamsplaying basketball at 8 years old


Our impact is amplified by working as a team. Join us as we strive to inspire and support the youth of the communities that have shaped Shelden’s development. Your support of the Shelden Williams Foundation will be used for programs and activities that empower student athletes, their families, and communities in Oklahoma, Atlanta, and Durham.

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